A few weeks ago, I did a QC cover shoot for a story about former Canadian soldier Jason McKenzie. He was a U.N. peacekeeper in the former Yugoslavia, and because of experiences during his deployment, he struggles to this day with PTSD. He and his colleagues raise awareness about PTSD, which you can read about here. The story just published in QC. (Direct link to story here, at least for a week or so.)

Jason's kid was playing hockey that morning, and didn't want to miss it, so we worked super fast. I get frantic and stressed in these time-limited situations. Like, a lot. I'm not kidding. It's not without a little embarrassment that I share this phone pic I snapped of Jason and me just at the end of the shoot. Good lord: I look like a sweaty madman.

Happily, Jason was calm, generous and patient throughout the shoot.

I feel particularly close to the issue of PTS (I was in a bad house fire in 2007) so I wanted to put extra effort into this one, despite the time constraints. I brought in extra gear, and made a shot list. And a last minute inspiration in the form of a glass of water gave me an idea on how to illustrate PTSD generally, and Jason's struggle specifically. (You'll have to read the QC story to understand the latter point.) I hope it was successful. 



I was particularly happy with this and one other image from the shoot. Unfortunately, either a program or a human decided to boost the exposure a fair bit, and the material that appeared in the LP/online is overexposed, which REALLY SUCKS. I don't mean to end on a sour note, but when you put extra effort into making a good image, and then it publishes poorly through no fault of your own, but then your name appears beside the just sucks.