Harold Hague

Feels pretteeee, pretteeee good: I got to shoot for the Globe and Mail last week. My first time! The idea was to make a portrait of Harold Hague, a local veteran. He was recently given the National Order of the Legion of Honour medal by France. Whoa. This thing was created by Napoleon. And not only is getting the medal a big deal, he was given the highest of five degrees: knight class.

So, woo hoo! Here's how it ran Monday morning in the prairie edition on A4: 

(Screen grab from Press Display.)

(Screen grab from Press Display.)

Both Harold and his wife Jan were emotional during the ceremony. Veterans carry the weight of their war the rest of their lives. Nonetheless, Harold ended his speech with a joke that got a huge laugh from the room. Apparently since his medal arrived in the mail, he'd been neglecting his dish-washing duties at home. Knights shouldn't have to do the dishes, he told his wife.

She replied: You may be a knight, but I'm still the queen!