Saying no.

I gave up some photographic work recently.

When I got gigs, they paid well. The photography was easy to do, and I enjoyed making those images. It made me feel important to tell people I was a Trusted Google Photographer. But most of the work - and I mean like 90% - was sales. Cold call, door-to-door sales: meeting business owners, shaking hands, explaining the product, leaving brochures, and following-up.

And it sucked. I liked most of the people I met. I really liked getting paid. But the constant meeting new people, the small talk, the trying to get them to buy my was an introvert's nightmare.

So decided to walk. It's kind of scary, because it was such a clear, saleable product and I did make money. But I turn 40 this year. My life is half over. Life is too short to put up with bullshit. And happily, I've got a creative project on the go that feels really good to do, so now I'll have more energy to put into it. Yay!