Allergy season...

...has literally driven me underground. I have a pollen air filter running 24hrs a day in my basement bunker, and it actually works! I can't believe I waited this long to figure this out.

Anywho, it was a nutty weekend. Craven Friday night, Riders Saturday night, and Craven again on Sunday night. The big learning this weekend was to stay organized and know when your assignments start. I nearly missed shooting the Gord Bamford assignment because I thought he started at five, when really he went on at four-thirty, and it was dumb luck I got back to Craven in time. Same thing with Keith Urban, I was much closer effing that one up. I entered the media cabin and Christopher Tessmer (writes for Arts and Entertainment) says "you're back already?" Nah, I've got Urban at nine, I say.

"Uh, I think he's on right now, his first song just ended."

Brain explodes. We only have permission to shoot the first two songs. Grab 300mm with one hand, 70-200mm with the other, grab collapsible stool with my pinkie and sprint for the main stage, through the security people, through the crowd, get to front of house, hands full, say "hold this!" shove 70-200mm into hands of random girl standing there, unfold stool (because crowd was too crowded), place monopod on corner of footstool while placing one foot on footstool, other foot on crowd fence, sling 70-200mm back on shoulder ("thanks!" to girl), and hammer out a bunch of frames of Urban who feels like a kilometer away, but luckily get usable stuff. Song ends, back to car and drive to Snack Shack near Lumsden and file from car because the networks in Craven are way too congested. A burger, because I stress eat every weekend.

Uff. Stay organized next time, duh.