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Naked Bean is the best.

They give your dog water and treats. And these benches are great.

The process of concentrating on and becoming expert in a particular subject or skill

Lately, I've been thinking about how I do my photography business. I went fulltime freelance in February 2018. My intention (I hesitate to call it a "plan") has been to say yes to all the work I can get. Then, perhaps in a year or two, I'd be busy with clients, and then I'd start saying "yes" to the more enjoyable work, and "no" to the less fun stuff. So far, people seem to want me for event work. But I also was did a wedding, some commercial work for an association, and some editorial work for the University of Regina. I continue to take gigs from The Canadian Press: the money is shit, but the work is fun, and it's nice to see my friends and colleagues from the news media. Tonight, I'm going to make photos of a couple of Airbnb rooms for someone in my neighbourhood. Sounds good, right?

But a consequence of doing things this way - taking sporadic and varied types of photography work - is that I often feel like I'm not an expert in any particular area. Example: when I was in photojournalism, it was always the same area, and you get good at both the image-making part, and all the other parts around it: how to manage logistics, how to work *really* quickly, how to deal with different people, how to know what the editors want. Specialization = greater efficiency and greater quality. But constantly taking on unfamiliar organizations, their varied photographic and budgetary expectations, being good at different lighting styles: it stresses me out, and I feel like a constant amateur.

Maybe I should specialize?