How to share a 360º Google Business Photos tour on Facebook

I stopped by a client's store today to buy a gift card (going to give my Dad about 2 kilograms of black licorice!) and she mentioned that it's been hard to share the tour well on Facebook. Basically, when you grab the URL of a tour, this is what your post will look like.

Thanks Zuckerberg.

Thanks Zuckerberg.

But I came up with something a little cleaner looking.

Thanks Bell! Yes, I just implied that I was more helpful that Mark Zuckerberg.

Thanks Bell! Yes, I just implied that I was more helpful that Mark Zuckerberg.

My workaround was pretty quick and easy.

1. Go to the tour you want to share. Here's Dessart Sweets in Regina.

2. Take a screenshot of that tour. (See here for instructions for multiple operating systems.)

3. Shorten the URL of the tour using an browser extension. In the case of my client, she uses Safari...

  • I tried this extension, and it worked just fine.
  • Download and install the Safari extension.
  • You'll notice a small leaf symbol near your URL bar now. When you want to shorten any URL in the future, just click the leaf.

4. Now you're ready for Facebook. Upload your screenshot of the tour, and then use the shortened URL as the link. That should get you a pretty clean and attractive way to share your Google Business Photos 360º tour on Facebook.

Hope that's helpful.

The first one: Daniel Christopher Salon | AVEDA

It's so nice when people get what you're talking about. I put up a facebook ad several weeks ago, and soon after got an inquiry from Chris Pritchard, a prominent Regina-based hair stylist. (He's one of the brains behind Sask Fashion Week.) He totally understood the power of being easily found online, the importance of making a strong impression and giving the product/service researcher useful information.

The first shoot was in early September. I shouldn't say this, because it reflects badly on me, but I will anyway: I had to reshoot the panoramas a couple of weeks later because of some stitching issues, which most likely occurred because my boot nudged the tripod during one of the panos. Oh dear.

Happily, the reshoot went perfectly. Yay for learning! Check out the tour here.