Art Vs. Reality

Why can ANYTHING be Art? Conceptualism... defined and deflated in about 6 minutes. Filmed and Directed by Frazer Dempsey Sound and Editing by Ronnie Chin Written and Presented by Peter Drew

I made some pictures. I put them on Instagram. A friend said I should apply to a gallery for a show. That sounded cool, so I did. My show got selected. Cool. I made some more pictures. And now I'm preparing for the show, which has mostly meant learning. Super interesting and fun. Where to get prints? How to get prints? How big to make the prints? What photo paper to use? Where to get frames? Should I price the prints? How do I price the prints? How high on the wall should they be hung?

But theoretical questions lurk: What makes art art? Why does the title "artist" scare me? Is my stuff (see? can't call it "art") good enough? Who gets to decide who's an artist? Why does some art seem more arty than other art? Why does showing art in a cafe seem "lower / illegitimate / common / worse" and showing art in a gallery space seems "higher / legit / elite / better" when the art in the cafe might be just as good? Why do "artists" get public funding, but comedians do not? (Or do they?) Why do I feel like "skilled" art is real art and "my four-year-old could paint that" art is fake?

Well bless the net, I found so many answers to the second paragraph in a YouTube series called Art Vs. Reality. Many juicy bits of art history in six excellent episodes. Episode 2 was my favourite: Why can ANYTHING be art?