So it begins

To anyone who's ever tried to sell a thing to someone else who didn't know that thing existed until that very moment: I salute you.

A couple of months ago I found out about Google Business Photos. And I thought: that sounds like a good way to focus my photographic energies for a year or two. So I applied, got accepted, did the training, bought a couple thousand dollars worth of gear, and now I'm a Google Trusted Photographer. (Well, I have to do three jobs, and then I'm technically official.)

So that was fun, and it's a nice title. But now comes the real work: selling. Which is hard. Am I right my fellow introverts? Daily, short conversations with strangers, and you want them to buy something from you. Tiring just imagining it, hmm?

But what the hell: it's a cool product. I think that businesses who "get" the internet will want it. I think it'll get easier once word gets out. And then when someone decides to buy it, I'll actually get to take some pictures, which is what it's all about. Snap snap!