Put your best face forward.

Get a professional headshot from Michael Bell Photography.



“As someone who dislikes seeing myself in photos, I was blown away by the Michael's magic. He created a relaxed and stress-free vibe during the session, and captured different aspects of my personality so I could use the images for a variety of purposes in my business. I get comments all the time about the great photos on my site, thanks to Michael's skill and talent.”


A short 30-40 minute session gives you digital photos that will last for years of great first impressions online.


Click, click, boom: schedule and pay online in minutes. Cancel and refund up to two hours before session.


Put your best face forward with an experienced professional.


Many people feel nervous about being photographed. If that's you, do not worry. We'll figure it out together.


What should I do to prepare for the session?

Consider a few of these tips:

DO get your hair and makeup done. You do a great job with your day-to-day look but a professional will know the tips and tricks to use to really accentuate your features.

DON’T attempt a new cut or colour right before your headshot – stick with a look you love or give yourself time to perfect it.

DO take care to trim your facial hair to ensure it is even and nicely groomed. In most cases, scruff and stubble is not recommended (though we get that it might be part of your look – just make sure it looks nice and clean).

DO choose an outfit that is both flattering and classic – you don’t want your great new headshot to be out of style or redundant too soon.

DO choose a shirt and tie that complement each other, and the suit.

DON’T choose bold or distracting patterns or colours unless they are a small part of the ensemble and are tempered with a solid blazer or sweater.

DON’T wear a white shirt if you choose not to wear a tie. In that case, choose a solid colour that will complement but not distract from your suit.

DO avoid checkered patterns as they will look busy on camera. Small, fine, stripes are okay.

DON’T choose solid white, unless under a blazer or sweater. Darker tones are more slimming.

DO avoid short sleeves, turtlenecks, and tank tops (bare arms) unless under a blazer or sweater.

Where is the studio located?

2670 Atkinson Street: the studio entrance is on the south side of the house. Parking is plentiful on the street.

Does the studio have any amenities?

The studio has a small waiting area and a bathroom for your convenience.

How long does the session take?

The session lasts between 30-40 minutes. You'll make your two selections from an online gallery afterward.

How much do the headshots cost?

The studio session costs $199 (taxes included). You can cancel and refund up to two hours before the session.

Are there any animals at the studio?

A friendly dog named Buster lives on the first and the second floors of the house. He does not go into the studio often, which is located in the basement.