Starts at $349

Prices vary as each business has different decor, products and square footage. The price is determined by the amount of panoramic shots required to make the virtual tour. No block pricing - you only pay for those shots required to make the best virtual tour. For example:

  • A small coffee shop that requires 7 panoramic shots would cost $389.

  • A medium-sized brewpub that requires 19 panoramic shots would cost $629.

  • A large retail store that requires 35 panoramic shots would cost $949.

It's worth noting that the price does not necessarily increase with the square footage of the space. A small-sized toy store whose shelves and walls brim with diverse and colourful products could require more panoramic shots than a medium-sized restaurant, whose decor and ambience may be effectively communicated with fewer panoramic shots.

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(Prices listed include PST and GST.)